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Optical Fiber Cable Solutions

Optical Fiber Cable Technology Department is an exclusive Optical Fiber Cable Technology solution provider,

Global Green is experienced in the field of Fiber Optic Cabling, trenching, blowing, Splicing & Testing, etc. Various

Activities involved in this operation are as under:

  • Open Trenching - excavation of earth as per client requirement including Auguring, Bridge Clamping using DWC and GI Pipes.
  • HDD trenching (Horizontal Directional Drilling process).
  • Laying of the duct – as per the specific requirement of the client.
  • Duct Proving – Duct Integration Test - to ensure no blockage in the duct.
  • Testing of the OFC kept in drums – Pre-installation test.
  • Blowing of the Optical Fiber Cable into the duct by using Air Compressors.
  • Splicing/termination of the OFC at nominated junctions and in Sub-Stations as per the specification of the client.
  • Point to point testing of the joints with OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer).
  • Final Link Test to establish the connectivity from one end to the other end of a particular stretch.
  • Generation of various Test Reports.

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